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Fats and cholesterol are two different types of lipids which are referred to as organic compounds which are insoluble in water. Fats and cholesterol are mostly found together in the blood and also in the food, they possess various structures, but they have just a few functions in common together. Fats are known to provide energy to the body while cholesterol does not give energy to the body.

Fat is one of the main source of energy in the body. It provides a boundary to protect individual vital organs while cholesterol is a fat-like material that is produced in the liver and from other cells in the body. It is also found in foods such as food products from animals, eggs, and meats.

Fats are essential in the production of hormones in the body, so we can feel the fullness after consuming a meal which makes the energy consumed by the food last longer. Fats I know to play a critical path in both metabolic and chemical functions in the body. Fat is always broken down by an enzyme called lipases which are produced directly by the pancreas. In the human body, we also have adipose tissue which is a fat depot. This fatty tissue is made up of roughly 80% of fat and it can found just beneath the skin, and around internal organs.

The primary role of this fat tissue is to store energy in the form of lipids, but in excess, it will lead to obesity in humans.

Also, there is two type of fat saturated and unsaturated fats. In fact, all the food that we eat such as butter, margarine, and oil include a mixture of fats. One of the foods is either high in saturated or high in unsaturated fats.

Whereas cholesterol on the other and can be produced from choose source which is from external food sources and your body. Cholesterol is used to build up certain hormones (such as testosterone in males and estrogen and progesterone in females )and cells in the body. It is also very important for processing digestion, and some vitamins in the body such as vitamin D. Cholesterol is mainly derived from animal sources such as pork and beef. Our body does produce a certain amount of cholesterol naturally, and this is because it is easy to generate high-level cholesterol from the external amount of cholesterol we take in. There are also two types of cholesterol which are good (LDL) and bad ( HDL) cholesterol.

The main difference regarding fat and cholesterol is that fat in our body are usually burned off and used to generate more energy for the body when needed whereas cholesterol in the body is used for more basic functions such as the production of important hormones in the body and aiding of digestion. Another main difference between fat and cholesterol is that fat level is affected by the number of calories you consume while cholesterol levels are affected by the level of fats you consume in.




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